Die Wäscherei – a lifestyle and funky furniture store in Europe, has create his own fragrance. It comes up in two flavor – LIQUID LOVE SENSATION for her, NARCOTIC SEXUAL HYSTERIA for him. Package-design, brand-name- and communication concept was create by TIBOR+, Hamburg.

MAN: “Humor, sensuality, gentleman attitude… attributes supported by a convincing blend woody and spicy accords accompanied by cool blond leather. I bet anything on the return of male seduction. But first it get a kick of juicy Mandarin and citrus oils with a hint of mint. For a „dandy with bad boy looks“.

WOMAN: “The light and airy transparent top note is followed by a fruity combination – passion fruit, pineapple & peach. The heady, mouth-watering end note, based on patchouli with a hint of chocolate, & culminating with honey, vanilla & caramel is sure to please anyone with a kinky sweet tooth!”