Kacheli Vodka

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Derrick Lin


Designed by KIAN brand agency, Russia.

During the joint venture with the company Raimbek-Group (Kazakhstan), the KIAN brand agency developed brand platform and identity for the “Kacheli” brand. The company positions itself in the subprime segment, targeting the ad-sensitive consumers, for which the presence of an emotional component of a brand is highly important.

During the process of working on the project, several options were suggested to create a positive brand conception and strong brand identity. The first option suggests pulling the attention towards the natural products that are used in the making. This idea is supported by an eco-friendly, refined design, assuming the presence of a bright visual brand identity. The second option is oriented towards a more progressive and modern target audience and involves an innovative minimal design, concurrent with the latest European trends. The third option appeals to the traditional values. The developed conception suggests a calm but colorful solution, using engraving technologyin the formation of the background, as well as an extensive area for Client communication, used to deliver all the advantages of the product to the consumer via the label.