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Designed by We Wow, United Kingdom.

wewow adds the WOW factor to eco-friendly CD packaging

Bradford-based CD/DVD packaging company wewow Ltd. develop innovative, eco-friendly packaging solution for rising folk-artist Pete Roe.

Working closely with Communion Records, wewow rose to the challenge of creating an eco-friendly CD packaging solution for folk-artist Pete Roe’s EP, ‘The Merry Go Round.’ The inventive packaging concept for ‘The Merry Go Round’ was skillfully produced from a single piece of sustainable board which delicately folds to form a unique spiral clasp. Amazingly, the unique packaging concept requires no glue or plastic tray thanks to clever engineering which ensured that the disc was protected and held securely in place by the card-based packaging.

The merry-go-round concept was carried through to the EP’s artwork with each spoke of the package printed with an individual carousel horse, forming a complete merry-go-round when the package is folded together. The face of the EP’s packaging was finished with gold-foil blocking, adding an extra touch of class to the printed artwork, which was printed with vegetable-oil based inks throughout. Communion Records remarked that they were over the moon with their ‘beautiful packaging’ and have received rave reviews since releasing the EP earlier this month.

wewow’s inventive and environmentally friendly packaging solution has been dubbed ‘WowSpiral’ and will become the latest addition to wewow’s WOW! range of eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging, which also includes the popular WowWallet, used recently by the unique rock band ‘Hope and Social.

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