Amble (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Sophie Greve & Frank Jensen, students in Communication Design at the “Design Factory International“, Hamburg. They will be graduating in September this year. “Amble” is part of a larger branding project that they have done during the last semester.

We do a lot to give our different body parts proper treatment, but as recently assessed, our feet get the least attention. Therefore, we developed “amble“, a brand focused on giving your feet their proper care.

We wanted a practical, functional quality that incorporates everyday wellness, as well as has a playful feel of movement. We strove for a fresh attitude that helps to communicate an easiness and effortlessness, but also has a hint of a sophisticated understatement.

We decided to print the labels on craft paper because it has this special, rough look which works well in combination with the nature inspired product names and the colorful font. The labels are wrapped around metal boxes to attain a contrast between the natural, warm, craft paper structure, and the cold metallic gleam of the tins.

The product names are screen printed on the craft paper labels. The font itself is crossed with lines, which we call the “amble path“, to give expression for the product‘s intended use.