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Derrick Lin


Designed by BaseDesign.

70 kilometers outside the city of Barcelona is Alt Penedes, a region long renowned for its Catalan wines. In the village of Torrelles de Foix is a plot of grape-growing land known as Terrer de Sapera. From this land comes the new wine on the block, a merlot called Merula. The name Merula translates to blackbird in Latin—mirlo, also the source of the name of the merlot grape, whose deep wines are said to resemble the color of blackbird feathers.

We designed the label, capsule, and a six-bottle case for Merula. As it’s a new winery producing a grape not typical in Alt Penedes, we opted for a non-traditional approach. Building on the name Merula, we worked with illustrator Miguel Ordoñez to create friendly blackbird.

Oh, and about the wine itself? Base’s sommelier notes an intense and bright cherry color, forward aromas of raspberry, and spice; and round, intense, fruit.

The Torrelles de Foix winery is run by DG Viticultors, previously known primarily as a producer of a late-harvest white desert wine. So Merula doesn’t get lonely, they will soon add a dry white wine. We’ll be working with them again on the packaging; stay tuned for more.