Derrick Lin


Designed by Summer, Sweden.

The Buustamon story
Buustamon Fjällgård is a rather lonely place on the mountain in the ski resort Åre in north of Sweden. It opened 1952 as a lodge and restaurant, but since 2000 they have a small distillery in the cellar. The brief to Swedish design agency Summer was to devise a concept and design for the bottle labels and the different flavours. Summer homed in on the theme of Buustamon Fjällgård as a final outpost, just as in the world of fantasy and fairytale, with the inn located where the road ends, offering the traveller one last opportunity of refreshment before setting forth on the great adventure. Each bottle carries three labels: a flavour label, a Buustamon Bränneri (distillery) label and a reverse label. All labels are applied manually at the distillery and stamped with the batch number.

Reverse label text
There was a time when people climbed mountains, crossed deserts and oceans without artificial fibres, weather forecasts, satnav and rescue services. There was a time when an adventure was an adventure, a voyage into the unknown and uncertain. Out into the white patches on the map, along unsounded coasts and up to unconquered peaks. Among wild God-knows-what animals in caves, oceans and primeval forests. Buustamon’s Aqua Vitae (Water of Life) is distilled as a tribute to those dauntless travellers.

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