Unicurd Tofu Redesigned



Designed by Mojo Media, Singapore.

Mojo Media Redesigned Singapore’s Favourite Tofu Packaging

How can we alter consumer’s traditional thinking? How can we modify an existing image that consumers are so used to buying and how can we refresh the packaging to this modern age and still keep the vital information intact in the package? These are the questions that surfaced when Mojo Media started the challenge of redesigning Unicurd’s new tofu packaging.

Unicurd Tofu: a market leader in packed pasteurized silken tofu

Founded In 1980, Unicurd began producing hygienically packed tofu in a factory in Singapore. Unicurd introduces to Singapore the first hygienically packed pasteurized silken tofu, in hygienically sealed boxes and in tubes which was an instant success.

Magnifying The Brand

When Unicurd Tofu entrust Mojo Media with this project, they were not just asking for a refreshed design, but they were instead giving them the great responsibility of recreating the image of a product intimately attached to home makers.

This visual and functional improvement, which implies over a few months of work and in which illustrators, designers, photographer (Tommy Chia) and the marketing team were involved, made an important step to a new visual stage of the packaging. Analyzing the bond between each and every elements of the pack, Mojo Media took the huge leap to remove the traditional illustration in the old packaging and replacing it with a clear and aesthetically pleasing photo of the dish with the intention of generating a more unified and competitive visual system.

With the re-laying of text and vital information, the consumers can now see more of the contents which is also one of the most important improvements. The logo is also magnified, going the most adequate way of highlighting the brand name.

In the end, the new packaging exceeded all expectations at its launching, which transmits modernity without losing its tradition.