Pour TE

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Identity Works, Sweden.

Message in a bottle that idea is probably as old as the bottle itself . Centuries of bottles thrown into rivers , lakes and seas . Bottles containing cry for help , love and attention – sadly – rarely reached anyone at all , and especially to its intended recipients.

In 2010 , however, the communication channel message in a bottle a new life thanks to pour tea , an iced tea brewed in Sweden with organic and Fairtrade ingredients from Johan & Nystrom , one of Sweden’s most renowned coffee roasters .

The concept is based on an idea about the message in a bottle with user- generated messages on the surface of the bottle . With an easy income has anyone a chance to express their innermost thoughts , declaring his love or just whine a little over a bottle of iced tea . The idea lives on in www.pourte.se , and lays the foundation for an integrated product identity concept .