Burgopak Slider



Bayer chooses Burgopak for international product launch of Levitra® 10 mg orodispersible tablets (ODT)

Bayer Healthcare has chosen the award-winning Burgopak Slider for its new treatment for erectile dysfunction – Levitra® 10 mg orodispersible tablets (ODT).

This is the third product line that Bayer has chosen to use the Burgopak Slider for, following Rennie® Ice and Rennie® Peppermint, their heartburn and indigestion products.

Bayer’s Levitra® 10 mg ODT will be available in France, Chile, Austria and Hungary during November/December 2010, with further countries to follow over the next six months.

Tim Clarke, CEO of Burgopak Healthcare & Technology says: “The innovative packaging design adds significant value to the brand as it’s slick, unique, and appealing to consumers, while supporting patient safety and compliance. In a highly competitive market, it offers differentiation and we’re delighted to continue working with Bayer.”

In 2008 the first automated Burgopak Slider was launched into the pharmaceutical market, offering companies a unique operating system that supports patient safety and compliance, and is robust, portable and user-friendly. These innovative pharmaceutical packs incorporate Burgopak’s patented sliding mechanism, keeping the patient information booklet, the blisters containing the medication and the branded outer carton conveniently connected at all times.

The award-winning, patented pharmaceutical packaging has a number of advantages including:

  1. A unique and innovative sliding mechanism that ensures that essential patient information is always clearly displayed whenever the product is used
  2. Compact and durable, the pack can be conveniently and safely carried in a bag, briefcase or pocket
  3. Maximum opportunity to communicate the pharmaceutical company’s brand to the consumer
  4. Burgopak’s child-resistant and senior-friendly designs have achieved the top rating for compliance: F=1 in the USA
  5. A point of differentiation in a highly competitive market
  6. Difficult to make, the Burgopak patented mechanism reduces the chances of counterfeiting.