Fresh & Easy Belgian Cookies

Derrick Lin


Designed by P&W. The company has offices in London and Los Angeles, and services clients around the world, including Tesco, Ferrero and Healthy Food Brands in the UK, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market in the USA and Seicomart in Japan.

International Design Consultancy P&W have designed a range of premium imported Belgian cookies for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. These imported cookies are covered in rich Belgian chocolate with various fillings such as coconut, caramel, hazelnut and orange.

The dark luxurious photography screams indulgence whilst ensuring the product is the hero of the pack. The photography is enhanced with a backdrop of its ingredients communicating high quality. Premium cues are delivered through minimal contemporary type in zingy colors balanced with a warm metallic silver for a luxury boost.

To communicate the Fresh & Easy brand values, we like to emphasize the “no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors” message through a flash/icon on the front of pack, this is a consistent message on packaging throughout the store.

“The design treatment required for this range was that of indulgence. These products were selected as best in class and we feel our design communicated that with elegance. Merchandised in store, these would be identifiable as a top tier choice with the dark background blocking them out as a group and the matt varnish eliminating any glare from store lighting. The design solution utilizes the entire pack showcasing the cookies and through romance copy, describes what makes these the finest choice”.

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