Designed by DOW Design, New Zealand.

The DB Export family of beers has received a Dow Design makeover in time for the brand’s 50th Anniversary.

The DB Export range – now in store – has a fresh and contemporary new look, that also pays homage to the brand’s history. In addition, the original DB Export beer returns for a limited time to celebrate the landmark, revisiting its 1960s look and feel.

“Our aim was to rediscover the truths behind the DB Export family of beers, while also bringing the range up to date with the expectations of the modern consumer,” says Dow Design Senior Creative, Will Fletcher. “To properly engage consumers, we have layered the Export packaging with classic beer cues, injecting masculinity and authenticity.”

It was the success of Dow Design’s rebrand of Export 33 last year that inspired a new look for the rest of the DB Export family says DB Export’s Marketing Manager Dave Shoemack. “We were greatly encouraged by Export 33’s redesign as it revolutionised the brand, bringing it from No. 4 to No. 1 in the low carb beer category.”

A recent gold medal winner at Belgium’s Monde Awards, the Export Gold label has now moved away from its yellow colour palette and gone back to a classic gold livery. Export Dry has followed the lead taken by Export 33 and had its paper label replaced with a clear plastic one with silver tones. The outer packaging of the beers also have a crisp new look, including an eye catching close-up image of a bottle neck on the end panels of packs.

The redesign of packaging across the range creates brand cohesion for the family of beers. This is expected to strengthen loyalty amongst current consumers and also attract new drinkers.

To coincide with the relaunch, an ad campaign set in the 1960s tells the story of Morton Coutts, the founder of DB Export and a pioneer in New Zealand beer brewing. His legacy includes in 1968 winning the ‘Best Beer in the World’ title for DB Export Beer, the same beer that is back for a limited time.

“The brand’s rich history provided an authentic base from which to draw inspiration, allowing us to include subtle nods to the past with Morton Coutts’ signature and the DB logo appearing across the range,” says Will Fletcher. “We have also stayed true to the original DB Export in our retro and nostalgic design for the limited edition quart bottles. We chose uncoated cardboard stock as the appropriate packaging for its twin packs. This gave us the perfect canvas to tell the DB story of innovative brewing in just four colours to create an old style print press look.”

Emphasising the brand’s heritage is not a 50th Anniversary ploy but part of a long term strategy says Dave Shoemack. “DB Export’s long and impressive history is one of the great New Zealand stories. This differentiates it from other beers and the time was right to share that story. We couldn’t be happier with Dow’s rebrand; it has struck the ideal balance, embracing the past while simultaneously appealing to a modern market through a contemporary look and feel.”

Rebranded Export Gold and Export Dry are now available in bars and supermarkets nationwide. The quart-sized bottles of DB Export, complete with 60s style branding, are available in 300 bars nationwide and the twin packs – with a limited edition bottle opener – are available in supermarkets and specialist stores.

Dow Design’s DB Export offering follows recent successes in rebranding long established local brands such as Anchor, Primo, Fresh ‘n Fruity, Brancott Estate (Montana) wines, Robert Harris and Arano juice. The brand design specialists are also behind the recent redesign of the Alison’s Pantry section of New World and Pak ‘n Save stores nationwide, and are consultants to Auckland’s new Q Theatre.