Derrick Lin


Designed by Pande Design Solutions, Brazil.

Rupture for the packaging of automotive accessories

Pande Design Solutions, a brazilian agency of design, signs the new packaging line of automotive accessories from General Motors (GM), launched at the Brazilian’s Auto Show 2010. The case brings to the segment an emotive language that connects with consumers.

To breathe life into the concept was created the brand Personalize, which offers an experience beyond the product, enhancing the consumer’s personality and his emotional attachment to the car. The value of personalization revolves around the desire of everyone wanting to be unique, special and different, with a car “your way”. Accessories assert the idea of status, power, and community inclusion.

The packages talk to the target, enticing the consumer and thereby contributing to the proposed acquisition, which is often made on impulse in this segment. In addition to bringing clear information, the design highlights the main attributes of each product in a simple language that makes the technical background.

Aiming to facilitate the identification and add value to the products was created a unique color code. The packaging of premium products have won sober colors and metallic. For the most popular accessories, the colors are vibrant, facilitating the choice of radios, navigators, DVDs and speakers.