Power Plant (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Terrence Fradet, a senior studying for my Graphic Design BFA and a minor in Printmaking at Savannah College of Art and Design.

The “Power Plant” is a product that allows the consumer to purchase a light bulb and to plant a seed as well. The contents include the light bulb, a small pot, expandable growing medium and a seed. Light bulbs use a lot of energy, I wanted to draw attention to the florescent bulb in a new way. My intention was to focus on the act of buying something and then the response the consumer has to their consumption. The response in this case is that the light bulb is removed, the seed is placed on the growing medium and water is added, yet there are deeper meanings to this action. My vision for the production of this packaging is a matte two color screen print on white metallic paper.