Vilje Musli (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Group project at Westerdals School of communication, Oslo, Norway. by second-year students Eivind Reibo Jentoft, June Saglie Holte and Rebecca Egebjerg.

The brief was to make a package for Møllerens new (fictional) ecological muesli cereal series. The different taste’s was Corn, Nut and Blueberry/black crowberry.

The main target-group are strong, well-educated, urban women in the age 25-40, Who care about making an ecological choice for both their health and the planet’s.
We named the product “Vilje”, it means WILL in Norwegian and is also a woman’s name.

We wanted to make something that was a clear alternative to the boring and similar competition. We focused on making a package that was easy to use and didn’t make a lot of mess for a quick breakfast. It is printed on 100% recycled paper.
The design is inspired by the 1940’s propaganda posters directed towards woman and radiates energy, health and happiness.