Angostura Bitters

Derrick Lin


Designed by the saltmine, Australia.

Working in conjunction with beverages manufacturer Frucor Australia, The Saltmine were asked to give the current Angostura ready-to-drink (RTD) range a much needed facelift for the Australian market. The challenge was to bring to life the Angostura brand archetype that had been identified through research and then redesign the range to become more distinctive. “The old design didn’t play on the heritage of the iconic Angostura Bitters bottle that can be found in bars around the world, so this is something that we felt needed to be addressed. Angostura has so much heritage surrounding the brand it became an obvious direction when we initially presented our concepts” said Kath McLachlan, Creative Director.

Staying true to the original bottle The Saltmine adopted a very typographic treatment, which included hand drawn typography for the ‘Lemon, Lime & Bitters’. To give the product more authenticity it features the signature of Angostura creator Dr J.G.B. Siegert, as well as the original Angostura bottle on the neck. The result is a sophisticated, adult-looking soft drink – the perfect non-alcoholic drink for a summer barbeque.

The design was also taken onto a ‘Light’ variant, a 300mL slimline can, 4 packs and cartons.

The new bottle is currently being sold in cafés, supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores and general route throughout Australia.