Hugo Boss Platinum (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Mizanur Rahman, United Kingdom.

This is my second “new sub brand” concept to add to my graduate portfolio, i decided to go with fashion and i thought of making a premium product for Hugo Boss, i saw the Hugo Boss Orange range it kind of looked fun but yet serious at the same time, so i thought why not make a new sub brand/range that is serious and real straight edged, one that is the best of the best from Hugo Boss and costs the part too. So from there on Hugo Boss Platinum was born, initially i designed a sophisticated logo that would be the basis for all design queues throughout the range. I also decided to keep an iconic feature from the original bottle which was the the strap and the cap. Alongside the male and female bottles i designed the packaging that it would come in, instead of going for a card board box material it would be made from a black plastic body and would be really glossy and reflective.

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