Sesto Senso Coffee



Designed by Quantum Graphics Branding & Design, Russia.

The task:
Our client Sesto Senso was entering the market with a new product for the Russian consumer: coffee pods for coffee machines ESE standard (Easy Serving Espresso). Our task was to make the main advantages of this product:
1. coffee cooking becomes really easy and peasant with ESE compact and silent coffee machines
2. you always get coffee full of taste and aroma as it preserves all its qualities in the inert atmosphere since grounding  until cooking
There are 6 different tastes within the product line. Pods are packed by 18 pieces per one box.

Agency’s approach:

“With Sesto Senso you feel like a client of an Italian restaurant” – the key thesis that inspired the design process. We introduce 6 brand karakters, different for each of 6 coffee tastes. They are vivid Italian waiters, each having his own appearance, mood and name. Each character’s name reveals his own personality depending on the taste: Dolce Lucia (Irish Cream), Fortunato Antonio (Espresso Classic), Felice Simona (Chocolate coffee), Allegro Giovanni (Ethiopia), Grazioso Maurizio (Natural Espresso),  Simpatico Marco (coffee lungo). Pack within line are differentiated by bright background colours.