Vastinaç Wines (Student work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Antonio Vivancos, currently studying in Barcelona Bau School, Spain.

Vastinaç Wines is a range of wines with an Andalusian flavor, just the flavor of the ancient city of Cadiz in Spain. The range consists of 3 bottles of wine made exclusively to the most important festivals celebrated during the year, Moscatel for the famous Carnival that are taking place now, Fino seco for the summer “Velada”, and red wine for “Semana Santa”. It adds a fourth type of wine and that it is not an event itself but is something very typical of Cadiz, when you put in front of a plate of “pescaito frito”. As you can see the mark resembles a typical term of the city, the bastinazo, no doubt, that’s why.

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