Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus has undertaken a major overhaul of the UK’s number one chip brand, McCain across the entire portfolio. First and foremost the redesign delivers a master-brand approach for McCain, and subsequently BrandOpus have created a clear brand architecture by overhauling the ranging strategy and simplifying the portfolio.

With the strict instruction not to change the logo, BrandOpus faced the challenge of building stronger personality for the McCain identity, taking it beyond it’s role as a manufacturer’s endorsement.

BrandOpus changed the visual perception of the brand by creating a rural landscape within which the McCain logo expands across the pack through the sunbeams radiating from it, building a consumer perception of naturalness and warmth.

The expanded brand identity allows integration and ease of navigation across the entire product range, with each variant in the series clearly belonging to the larger McCain family. This unified and stronger identity elevates the role of the brand, encouraging shoppers to choose McCain at a brand rather than product level.

Paul Taylor, Creative Director at BrandOpus, says:  “The challenge was to retain the existing McCain logo whilst introducing warmth and meaning to the brand. Creating a rural landscape around the logo provides a context for the previously undefined ‘sparkle’ that is now transformed into the idea of golden sunshine. The confident approach to the identity is translated into a masterbrand approach across the entire product portfolio”.

Mark Hodge, Head of Brand at McCain, says “We are thrilled with the new visual identity which BrandOpus have created; it successfully communicates a real sense of naturalness, warmth, confidence and feel good, which is exactly what the McCain brand is about.  In addition the new ranging structure really clarifies and simplifies the portfolio and ultimately provides an exciting platform to drive brand growth in the future.”

The first three lines will launch in the second week of March, with the remainder rolling out through spring.