Black and Decker Case (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Herald Ureña, United States.

The Black and Decker case is packaging designed to have a further use past carrying the power tool. Most users throw away their case or keep it in storage, usually in the garage. This concept is a wall mountable for various reasons. First – it allows the user to display their power tool (many craftsman see their tools as a statues symbol), second – it give organization and easy storage, third – The packaging has a continued life and becomes less wasteful. The metal rods that slide out from the side and bottom are so that the user can hang objects on them, like small tools, and oil rag, and cords.

This concept was done for a Black and Decker sponsored studio. It is only a theoretical concept and does not truly relate to the design work of the Black and Decker.

  1. Interesting concept, looks sleek! But if it comes with only a drill and a few tips – not an effective way of utilizing space. If it holds any other tools in addition to the Drill – where will they fit?
    I wouldn't want to carry around the massive box that holds only a drill, that's the reason why this case would get thrown out or kept in a storage, i don't see any options for carrying other instruments.
    It would have been better if it had a layout that would fit a wide range of tools, with easy access.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Mr Selektor,

    I agree with your comment about it not having many pieces that go along with the tool. I designed it that way so that it would look clean. I would totally add that if the concept where to move further. However, I wouldn't put more than one drill in it, and its not a massive box. The designs main function is to make a statement about how tool packaging can be a display piece, its just and introduction to the idea.

Derrick Lin

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