Designed by P&W, United Kingdom.

P&W have designed a range of eco paper and cleaning products for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The range consists of everyday paper products, such as paper towels, bath tissue and facial tissue, and household cleaners such as dish liquid, laundry detergent and cleaning sprays.

The paper goods are made from 100% recycled paper with 80% post consumer waste and whitened without chlorine. They are also uniquely packaged in a plastic outer wrap, which expires in 12-18 months, eliminating any contribution to landfill. The cleaners are made from a plant based formula, free from phosphates, dyes and perfumes, they are pH neutral, biodegradable and scented with essential oils.

Green credentials are delivered through the name ‘green things’ and the leaf background, suggesting nature and earth. The strap line ‘powerful and kind’ appears on the cleaners to reassure customers that the products are effective whilst still gentle to the environment. Icons were designed for each pack to communicate the key product attribute, i.e. cuts grease and plant based formula and color-coded to differentiate each product and it’s scent.

The target consumer would be making a conscious effort to buy green products so creating a brand look that was iconic, strong and clear was very important to us. We wanted the design to have a friendly and approachable look and feel taking cues from nature and plants. We created a hand drawn logo that looks organic and has a unique personality. We also needed to ensure that the product would be clearly visible on shelf and the branding reflects the benefits of the product.