7 for Exploramas

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Alejandro de Antonio, Spain.

7 is an experimental project of art and design born with the idea to show 168 uninterrupted hours of the life of a person or of the functioning of a company. 168 are the hours that it has one week. 7 days. 7 it is a free and different frame, where you can announce what you want by means of an attractive format (Book + DVD with photos and video).

This packaging in a book for Exploramas. The company is specialized in the development of unique experiences in Andalucía. Exploramas create adventure activities and corporate events in natural places. They feel they have the responsibility not only to respect the environment, but to improve it. Understanding “Sustainability” as a constant improvement of all elements that forms the Environment, such as Nature, Animals and People who live in it.

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