Bay Estate Tea Co.



Designed by Murray Brand Communications, United States.

Murray Brand Communications designed new retail packaging for Cott’s line of green teas with the objectives of supporting a value alternative at retail that still exudes a quality image capable of competing with national brands.

Bright, watercolor-style graphics were developed as the anchor element of the design to convey a message of freshness and to brand block against competitive offerings. Easy to read sub-brand typography and product claims were then staged in a manner that aids in product differentiation and eye-tracking.

  1. Saw this in Walmart and gave it a try based on the graphics. Nice. Really fresh.

    Have to admit, the tea wasn't bad either. Great option to the national brands I'd been buying.

  2. 18 pack for $4.00?(Wally World)…you really can't beat the price..I must admit the taste took a little getting used to compared to my usual choice. I guess the real secret to it's drinkability is making sure it's really nice and cold…as for the packaging graphics, there's no Green Tea on the shelf that has a better look. I may have just found my alternative brand.

  3. I found this at Walmart short on cash and looking for quantity I bought this item it was diet citrus green tea I purchased. All I can say is I tried it and loved it so did my husband. I went back to the store and bought the last four packages they had. Well what I bought had been drank looking to get some more but my local store is out so I bought a "National Brand" not as good and it has calories this tea is the only thing I drank in the last month saddens me I can not find it anywhere. This tea (the diet) has no calories and tastes delicious Please get it back on the shelves!!!!!!

  4. We also loved the tea. We drank an 18 pak every 2 days. You can't beat it for taste and the price is great. I wish Walmart would start selling it again, and spring is comming.

  5. Has anyone figured out how to buy this tea yet??It is all I drink; I used to be a cokeaholic, then I drank lipton green tea, they changed their recipe(did anyone else notice???)Now all I drink is bay estate. I'm dying for some, I have driven to all the stores in 50 miles to check for the tea. No luck!!!!!!!! I really need my tea!!!!!!!!

  6. I am extremely disappointed that Wal Mart no longer carry this green tea. My wife and I buy this as an alternative to soda's. Where else can I purchase this tea from? We want our tea!!

  7. i also found the diet citrus green tea very tasty hot or cold but as everyone else knows it cant be found not in nc anyway please help us find bay estate diet green tea now i have to settle for lipton or store brand doesnt stand a chance against bay estate

  8. love this tea and price is cheaper than a lipton 12 pack $ 4.98 for lipton and $5.00 for Bay Estates Tea I just wish Wal-mart in East Wareham Massachusetts stopped carrying it!