Chocolate by L’Oreal

Prompt Design

Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.

In 2010 a new trend in hair color swept Thailand, the color was chocolate. To capitalize on this trend, L’Oreal brought to market a new brown hair color simply called chocolate. To introduce the new product, L’Oreal held a large public event to kick-off the marketing campaign. Prompt Design was hired to develop a gift set that representative of the new product and would delight customers. The gift set was designed to mimic the look of a traditional box of chocolates. The characteristics of an actual box of chocolates were duplicated right down to the printing technique used.

The finished result was a box that looked identical to a traditional box of sweets. Customers were delighted with the gift set and were surprised to find a new type of chocolate, L’Oreal Excellent Cream hair color within. This design strategy generated great brand awareness and word of mouth for L’Oreal and the product has become the best seller in the hair color market.