Designed by Voicebox Creative, United States.

Naked Juice is a leader in the super-premium juice category with a range of all-natural 100% juices and smoothies, all with no added sugar or preservatives. Over time, as the product range expanded, the Naked brand and packaging design had grown fragmented and difficult to navigate.

When Naked began transitioning its entire product line to its reNEWabottle – a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle – they asked Voicebox Creative to begin a brand design renewal as well. A simpler and consistent design architecture that organizes, amplifies and clarifies Naked’s shelf impact, differentiation and key benefits. Clear space surrounding the Naked logo gives it more eye-catching pop, while the “All Natural” and “All Natural Fruit + Boost” descriptors integrate with the logo for an easier, faster read.

Flavor-driven color-coding and luscious new fruit and vegetable illustrations enhance taste appeal, improve segmentation and facilitate product selection. Unlike its primary competitors, Naked Juice can proudly proclaim that its juices and smoothies have “No Sugar Added.” The new design emphasizes this important attribute for instant recognition and impact.