Ponte Romana

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Designed by Play Me, Portugal.

From the unquestionable importance that the people of Rome assumed in Western culture until the present day, the wine is born Roman Bridge. This wine of Denomination of Controlled Origin, translates into an effective homage to one of the most important building systems of people and that helped greatly to develop its road system, the most advanced at that time.

The draft wine branding the Roman Bridge, based mainly on graphical simplification of the greatest constructive innovation in this type of structure, the round arch. Through this way a linear approach, which transports you to the present, and that in turn gives rise to one of the most important elements of your brand, typography.
Developed specifically for this project, the Roman Bridge typeface summarizes the two main features of the project, the linear approach of the elements (either the structure of an arch or the form of a letter) and therefore the translation across the line, building block fundamental way.