Yanternaya Grozdi

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Designed by The Design Studio 13, Moldova.

The Grapes and the amber are the sun and Earth’s children. They symbolize the Earth’s warmth, spirits, beauty, happiness, power and energy. Such strong symbols of the grapes and the amber are reflected in the design concept for the wine self-attached label “Yantarnaya grozdi”. The main design element is a gold stamping bunch.

The stylized coloured font is used for the each wine brands. The colour of the font and the label top is the same. The label top has the form of the sunrise. The stylized outline of the hang down grapes is seen on the “bunch” bottle. The illustration, the design elements and the stylized font used in the wine information have created the complete image of the wine label, which eulogize the sun presented the amber bunch and bewitching wine bouquet and aroma.