Kobber Healthy Line

Derrick Lin


Designed by Pande Design Solutions, Brazil.

The Kobber, brazilian producer of healthy food, brought to Pande, a brazilian agency of design, the challenge of creating packaging for two innovative products: Crispan and Semix. The first came on the market to give a touch of flavor and crispness to meals while the second came to complement delicious salads.

The created visual identity translated the concept of products into colors and shapes that describes the welfare. The prevailing white refers to the health. The integrated window allows the consumer to view what can be taken to their home. Different dishes simulate the way of using and highlight the appetite appeal. The main panel claims highlight the key benefits as well.

The look was so delighted that Pande has extended the same visual identity for the cereal bars, fruit and crispy. The photos highlight the texture and flavor of each product, with the help of the prevailing white.

For the launch of products in Apas, an event designated to the supermarket sector, Pande developed the visual communication for the booth, recognized in the category “Best Display” by Popai award.

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