Mom’s Best Naturals

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ideas that Kick (Design Division of HartungKemp), United States.

The makers of Mom’s Best Naturals breakfast cereals recognized that their existing packaging was an impediment to growing their value brand’s retail footprint. The existing boxes looked “low price,” but sacrificed equity, too.

More than just a logo revision and changes to the brand color palette, Ideas that Kick recommended the client consider wholesale changes that would make the most of their investment in packaging redesigns — and result in brand assets that would create emotional bonds and brand equity with cereal shoppers. This ground-up approach required an entire rethink of the value brand’s story, as well as how that story could be articulated on the box for each flavor of cereal.

Kick’s creative strategy was to lead with “quality” and “natural” in our packaging concept. To congratulate our Mom for making the environmentally responsible breakfast cereal choice. Rather than depict another cereal bowl and spoon, Kick illustrated inviting natural environments, making a smart breakfast part of a much larger benefit conversation.

Kick’s colorful, illustrated boxes had an immediate impact on the client’s bottom line. The Mom’s Best Naturals sales force and distribution channels demanded an expansion of flavors even before the first new cereal box had gone into production. Retailers embraced the new look based on how it stood out on the shelf and how it engaged consumers.

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