Morfroze Polyhedron Soap (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Yevgeny Razumov, a graduate of The British Higher School of Design (2007-09, Moscow, Russia).

MORFOZE is a hard soap concept, which surely will be liking to all who have had to face the principles of 3D-modelling software, designers, modellers, engineers and people who like everything unusual, everything that makes our life more interesting.

This polygonal soap is odour-free, as everything that exists in the virtual space, and it illustrates the form transformation, its smoothing and conversion – all that refers to the processes of creating and editing objects in three-dimensional programs. In spite of all this “game” it doesn’t lose its main function – to clean and moisten the skin.

At the moment of designing this product I had an idea of a suitable soap-dish for this soap in the form of a splash of water. The contrast between the polygonal object and the smooth form of “water” reveals even more an unusual combination of shapes in the real world, and such inherent in the virtual one.

I hope that this product would attract people to use hard soap for washing, rather than liquid one which is more harmful to our environment.

The soap MORFOZE is an excellent gift for the fans of unusual in ordinary things.

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  1. Very interesting concept. I think it's will be appealing not only to designers and modellers, but also people who like diamonds (it looks a bit like one) Not sure about the manufacturing process though, it might include more production steps than a square/oval shaped soap bar.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. I like it. It will definitely appeal to some more than others. I would buy it, but the price would probably be more than I'm will to pay for a bar of soap… but maybe that's just me!

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