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Derrick Lin


‘Pro Koi Series’ is aimed at Koi enthusiasts and the products come in larger sizes to cater for pond environments.

Designed by &Larry, Singapore.

As part of the overall identity for Petfran aquaria supplies, we helped to rationalize the product categories and designed appealing packaging for each of them.

The visual key is to always begin with an appropriate illustration, especially for specialist breeds like Arowana and Koi.

Products in each category are then colour coded and numbered for quick reference. Care was taken to ensure consistent branding across the entire product range.

‘Aqua Care Series’ is a comprehensive range of aquatic treatments and remedies to keep common pet fish healthy in their habitats.
‘Pro Arowana Series’ is a range of products specially formulated for the popular and expensive breed of ornamental fish.

‘Advanced Formula Series’ is a premium range of treatments to remedy ailments in more delicate breeds of fish.

‘Herbal Formula Series’ is a premium range of naturally formulated treatments that avoid the use of artificial medicines and chemicals.

‘Probiotic Culture’ series includes different volumes and concentrations of beneficial bacteria essential for maintaining the eco-balance in aquariums and filter systems.
‘Aqua Saline Series’ specializes in salt products treated to remove chemicals harmful to fishes and plants.
‘Pro Filter Series’ includes consummables such as wools and filter substrates to keep aquarium waters clean and hospitable to fishes.