REDWHITE (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Saana Hellsten and Elina Ahonen, Finland.

REDWHITE package is made with Elina Ahonen for FOPDA Food Packaging Design Awards by Stora Enso. The main challenge was to make packages more sustainable.
REDWHITE answers for the need of more sustainable packaging for the ready-made-soups and instant noodles. The challenge was to find a carton board solution for these packages.

The material of the REDWHITE package is liquid packaging board. It is heat-resistant and keeps the aromas and flavours strong. The mouth is sealed with glue but can be easily teared open due to the holes which give a facile grip.
By pushing the sides the package forms into a cup. Easy opening is very important when taking into consideration also the eldery, children and people suffering from rheumatism etc.

The geometric form makes an impressive shelf-presence but also fits well in the hand. It needs little space when packed in boxes in stores and warehouses. This also decreases the transportation expences. Using the packaging as the plate for the food gives you less dishes to wash. After the use it can be flattened easily thanks to the creasings on the sides.

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