Grandpa’s Dairy

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Designed by Toast Design, Australia.

With products already on shelf in close to 200 independent stores throughout Australia, our client approached us to rebrand & repackage their range of dairy products prior to its debut in a large warehouse-style supermarket chain.

The rebrand and new packaging needed to address a few key points, the most vital was to break into a new, non-Lebanese market.

Other important goals were instant recognisability, powerful branding and an affordable look – is great quality AND great value.

Our aim is to attract the attention of new customers and for people to recognise the range simply by colour – thus streamlining their shopping experience and making it very simple to tell their friends to “try the purple one”.

Fusing elements of family business, the tradition and history of lebanese yoghurt/cheese making and a modern, vibrant aesthetic, we developed a very strong design, easily adapted to their extensive range of products.