Designed by Gidea Group, Taiwan.

Liouguei Soap began as a Marakot (a big typhoon that hit Taiwan in 2009) relief project, helping local women (who used to pick local wax apples before it was washed away by the flood, to help support their family) make hand-made soap. GIDEA GROUP was asked by NCKU (National Cheng Kung University), who was in charge of the project to “brand” and help “package” the whole project.

The “hand” was selected as the central theme of this work, because in both harvesting and soap making, it’s with their hand that these women work hard to provide for their families, and in Taiwanese culture, many feel that one’s destiny is recorded on one’s palm print, thus all the materials for the packaging were carefully selected for their “touch” – how it feels on one’s hand, in the end using a material that is used internally as structure for hand glued packaging and not as the exterior, like the women of Liouguei, who are strong at work and an important part of Taiwanese society.

A very traditional Japanese craft packaging feel was also implemented to help convey the quality and craftsmanship of the product, with of course, Taiwanese sensibilities.

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