Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.

In 2010 a new brand and style of stationary was launched under the name P Around. P Around is inspired by the idea that ideas are all around us. The concept of the brand is to create functionality and beauty through the product’s intended use. Take for example the intended use of an eraser is to erase; this functionality influenced the design of its packaging, the patterns on the packing are made by erasing material to create interesting graphics. This concept is repeated throughout the brand; the patterns on the A4 paper are designed to mimic folding a sheet of paper, the packing of pencils are decorated with drawings created with that weight of pencil. Using the product within the packing to create the packing differentiates P Around from their competitors. Plans exist to use this idea to market other products such as scissors and glue as part of the P Around brand.

Eraser Packaging is simple and unique packing hides a deeper understanding of each product. The simplicity of design and the usability of the product combine to make an everyday object into a unique and fun product. Erasers have function which is to remove/ erase. The design on the packaging is made by removing material communicating how well the P Around eraser functions. An issue that was important to address when designing this packaging was the shrinking size of the eraser. Through use the eraser gets smaller and smaller yet the packaging remains the same size. Eventually the packaging is thrown away because its practicality lessens as the difference in the size of the eraser and the packing grows. Sticking with the idea that remove of material, the packaging of the P Around eraser is perforated with lines of small dots making it easy to change the amount of packaging to match the size of the eraser.

The goal of the P Around brand is to appeal to teenagers and recent graduates who are striving to promote their individuality by using uniquely made products.

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