Halina Platki Ryzowe

Derrick Lin


Designed by Add Head Cat, Poland.

Rice flakes are a low-sodium, gluten-free product meant for children, especially for those with food allergies. The task was to create a packaging that will attract the adult shoppers’ attention as well as appeal to the young consumers.

On a deeper level, it was about transforming an unassuming diet product into an object of craving, interest and a source of fun. Our ambition was to replace the “I’m on a diet, I have to eat this” (resigned) attitude towards the product into a more favourable or even gluttonous “I want to eat it!”. Healthy, easy to prepare and offering a variety of ways of serving – the product had a potential just waiting to be revealed.

The package is distinguishable on the shelf thanks to lively colours and bold graphics which extends the standard packaging form. The funny sheep character gives personality to the product and makes it easier to identify and connect with. To complement the picture we chose children’s handwriting font.

The space at the back was used to provide serving recommendations as well as nutritional information in an attractive graphic form. Inside the box we had a drawing instruction printed, which adds fun factor to the young consumers.