Paper Cup Holder (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Mat Bogust of Think Packaging, New Zealand.

A cold day but … argh, too hot!

Looking forward to my nice, warm takeaway cup of tea the other morning, to not only warm the soul but my hands too…I picked my cup up & the little blighter was so hot that I nearly dropped it, paying the price of spilling the molten liquid all over my wrist!

So, sitting there & not taking it away as I couldn’t hold it I sketched this idea down on a napkin & produced it once I had returned to my studio. Now I can drink my tea with comfort & style. It’s a little posh too as I have a nice handle which allows me to point my pinkie whilst sipping my tasty beverage…

  1. Very nice concept!Nor sure if the production will eb as cost-effective as a regular, handle-less cup holder, but the idea is not bad.

  2. I dont get it… my initial reaction was "seriously?" This product adds absolutely no value to the existing status quo – holding the cup with your hands. Sure, it may be insulated a little better, but the corrugated sleeve has become mass produced and cost-effective.

    This is similar to the tablet vs PC controversy… in terms of the PRODUCT, a tablet does not offer the type of increased portability that tablet manufacturers might have you believe. It can't fit in your pocket (think smartphone), so it's not really more portable. Thereby, the PC community could easily come out with competitive features (mobile network compatibility built-in) and easy recover lost market share.

  3. Very interesting! Can't count how many times my fingers were scorched by my coffee.

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