Mauricio Lorca (Redesigned)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Natalia Arena, Argentina.

Bodega Mauricio Lorca makes four wine lines. FANTASIA, POETICO, OPALO and INSPIRADO. The company’s steady growth and the opening of new markets made it necessary to redesign all the wines in order to achieve a greater brand presence and elegance.

The work José Bahamonde and Natalia Arena did comprised a comprehensive analysis of market requirements, communication need, and aesthetic and technological aspects that are essential for using the resources available more wisely.

All Brands were redesigned and Natalia Arena was in charge of hand-writing more legible and harmonious fonts for each line.

The result was a series of labels that emphasize the company’s image, allow customers to distinguish among each wine varietal and line, and clearly show that they all belong to the same winery.