Ramlösa (Redesigned)

Derrick Lin


Designed by NINE, Sweden. This packaging won the Pentawards Diamond Award 2011, the highest award in all categories.

Classic Ramlösa in an innovative and sustainable design

The new Ramlösa premium bottle, designed by NINE and made out of plastic PET, serves the purpose of being sold in exclusive restaurants, venues and nightclubs. In these environments consumers seek a more luxurious look and feel and not the “regular” PET bottle feeling.

The old premium bottle of glass was costly to manufacture as well as environmentally unfriendly. NINE was briefed with the seemingly impossible mission to design a new premium bottle in PET, since the association to plastic materials is not premium in the target group. However, the result is very much a premium product and has been well received both due to its esthetic appeal and the environmentally positive effects from lower CO2 emissions.

The premium feeling was achieved by creating a bottle that borrows form and shape from the world of old crystal glasses – but with the material that comes from a modern and much less premium world. The contrasts make the result both interesting and beautiful.

Before and After
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