Vitaminwater Capsule (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by: Cindy Ng (Vancouver, Canada) & JJ Lee (Chicago, USA).

This is a package design concept for Vitaminwater. The bottles are redesigned to take a capsule form instead of the traditional bottle. The new look would enhance the vitamin idea while maintaining the same colors and identity of each drink flavor.

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  1. wow! so simple yet effective! I love it. Now this is one of those things where you have to ask yourself.. why didn't Vitaminwater think of this themselves? will this be in production? I would love to collect every bottle!

  2. Interesting concept! It looks pretty good but my only concern is that it is a little over packaged. Much nicer than there current packaging though for sure. Good job! And Cindy Ng is from Vancouver!!

  3. didn't vitaminwater just recently redesigned their packaging? they'll probably want to reconsider all the money they put into that because this concept is ahead by a step or two. i agree… why didn't they think of this before? so simple and clever!

  4. If only we could visualise vitamins / supplements our body can make advantage with that didn't have to look like a capsule pill. It is great packaging nonetheless.

  5. i would love to buy them for my restaurant… do you produce them if you do pleas contact me on my email..

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