You Are Here (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Caroline Saridewi, Gina Chang, Molly Weber and Sanna Luuka. Taught under Michael Osborne at the Academy of Art San Francisco.

This project began with a question, “If Target opened up a higher end store to compete with Crate & Barrell and WIlliam Sonoma, then how would they brand their products? Aero is the answer.

Aero is the line of branded house products that would be sold in Aero Stores. The line of departments are endless, however, we focused on office and performance products.

Aero store is targeted to deliver upscale quality home products and services in a friendly and sophisticated way. This store will be catered more to city dwellers and those who can choose to live a comfortable more rustic and modern design lifestyle.
Aero’s brand promise is to consistently deliver the highest quality, design forward products to our shoppers. Our commitment is to provide our guests with a superior shopping experience.

You Are Here is an endorsed brand for Aero store. It provides regional goods that focus on the specialties or unique items of each region. These items can only be found in local stores and are created by local suppliers and branded for Aero exclusively. You Are Here brings the favorite local flavors of America to your home no matter where you are. We wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of these different areas while keeping the “You are Here” brand cohesive. As a solution, we used a house of brands strategy to maintain consistency while being able to design each region’s own look and feel.