BAS/the daily bread (Student Work)

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Designed by Adam Ahlström, Barbro Norin, Ylva Falquist, Lisa Åkerman-Hoffman from the school Nackademin in Sweden. Winners of PIDA- Packaging Impact Design Awards Sweden – an international award that rewards innovative new packaging design. This year’s competition was about creating innovative, practical, and selling climate-friendly packaging solutions on the theme of “The Silent Salesman”.

The winning package called BAS/the daily bread – flour, seeds, baking seasoning and recipes. Simple, gently loaf-shaped packaging containing the right amount of the various ingredients of the attached baking recipe. Colour coding on certain areas on the package indicate different types of bread.

This is a packaging design with a credible prospect. It is a simple, coherent idea that too much food is wasted in today’s society. Designers have embraced this issue and come up with a solution that is likely to become increasingly important in the future.