Eco-Friendly Chinese Take-Out

Derrick Lin


Designed by JoAnn Arello, United States.

Focusing on sustainability, this packaging attempts to eliminate the need for a plastic bag.For multiple orders, hook carrying strings into the diecut design of the one on top of it. Holds up to three entrees.

Divider is glued to bottom of box allowing for nesting of the boxes
STEP 1:     Pull upwards and separate the two loose divider tabs.

STEP 2:     Fill with entree and sides.

STEP 3:     Place removable trey atop divider which rests one inch below the box top. Extra thermal insulation and a space where utensils and condiments can be stored eliminates the need for an external plastic carrying bag.
STEP 4:     Close and go!
  1. Ridiculous rendering. Since when the Chinese food consists of uncooked grain rice uncooked glass noodle, and a piece of gyoza that you removed it before closing divider in Step 3?

  2. @ anonymous above – I agree, but it's more the concept we are looking at here – it doesn't really matter if its cooked or not.

    I really like this, it shows a different approach to take-away meals – biggest concern is dishes with sauces, dishes that need to be cooked in their sauces for the taste and aromas – storing condiments as extras isn't always the best. The moisture and steam from cooked products would also probably make the card soggy, and they could only be used once – whereas with the plastic containers they give you, most people I know store them and re-use them. This in the long run may actually produce more waste – even though the plastic is more energy to create.

  3. Plastic not only takes more energy it also takes 1000 years to decompose. I have not heard of anyone washing and reusing their plastic containers either.

  4. Anonymous, like Jessie said this was a student "concept" where I was limited in my materials as this wasn't professionally mocked up. The idea would be to use materials that are already used in eco-friendly take-out packaging. The reason to use the "food" depicted was to not ruin the chipboard I had to use. Think bigger!

  5. Nice concept of packaging. I never thought that there is a divisions inside the box. Very creative, nature friendly because also of the strap used for close-fitting.

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