Lithuanian Vodka Gold

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Derrick Lin


Designed by LT Identity, Lithuania.

The vodka market leader in Lithuania, “Lithuanian Vodka”, in association with the famous lithuanian design team “LT identity”, have taken an extremely brave step – a collection of limited editions of Lithuanian vodka has been released into the market. Its creative design marks a departure from the traditional frameworks typical of the alcoholic drinks sector in Lithuania.

The special edition of “Lithuanian Vodka Gold” designed with modern ethnographical symbols is an unexpected link between yesterday and today. The old ethnographical symbols – oak leaves and lily flowers – have been revived. Lilies are associated with femininity. This symbol is often seen woven into compositions of the tree of life on dower chests. In the Lithuanian folklore the oak is associated with masculinity, strength and courage. From ancient times warriors would be presented with crowns of oak leaves, and now they are given to winners of sports competitions. Therefore the female and male elements are intertwined in the design, while the Lithuanian spirit is emphasised by the colours of the Lithuanian flag – yellow, green and red.