Stabilo EASYergonomics experts

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Derrick Lin


Designed by 
Burgopak Germany.

Packaging design goes hand-in-hand with STABILO and Burgopak

STABILO International’s latest product range, EASYergonomics experts, has been launched on the European market in an appealing, youth-orientated packaging style designed by Burgopak Germany. Targeted towards children and adolescents, the packaging design has drawn upon the theme of “human engineering,” reflected through the unification of structure and image for an eye-catching and compelling retail solution.

A simple yet effective symbol of the hand has been utilised across the range of packaging, offering both an immediate indication of the product’s function as well as enhancing the brand’s shelf presence. To stimulate consumers’ imaginations and attract their attention, the packs feature the hand as a clear window on the front of the pack, visually displaying the contents as an x-ray image.

Focusing on STABILO’s dedication to innovative and ergonomic design, the packaging
furthermore features the added benefits of a retail-ready hanging hook and user friendly cartonboard structure. Two colour variations have been produced in blue and pink.

Marcel Miller, Head of Packaging Technology at STABILO International says: “The collaboration with the Burgopak Team was (and is) extremely pleasant. I’d like to emphasize the creativity in terms of packaging design and the solutions found regarding the required structural design quality. The (Burgopak’s) reaction was (and is) always fast and reliable. Even during the start of production modifications and changes were implemented with constant diligence to meet all necessary requirements. I guess, even Burgopak was surprised about what can happen to packaging content during transport tests. After this first, very positive cooperation, I hope to get together on further, exciting projects. “

Benjamin Köhrich, Director of New Business Development at Burgopak Germany says: “We are proud that STABILO International has entrusted us with the task of designing and implementing the EASYergonomics experts pack. STABILO’s broad mind and professional cooperation made it possible for Burgopak to make the most of our resources to the full extent, including production and logistics – resulting in a clear differentiation and productive outcome at the point of sale. The collaboration on this project was a pleasure. Thus we are looking forward to facing future challenges together with STABILO International.”

Demonstrating positive results from a new creative collaboration with STABILO International, Burgopak Germany’s expertise in design and packaging technology has reflected the same dedication that STABILO invests in developing its ergonomic pens.

With its ergonomic grip zones and shape appropriate for age and hand size, the STABILO EASYergonomic experts family provides correct pen posture for improving writing performance and success at school. The EASYergonomic Gift Set includes a beginner’s pencil, filler‐pen plus cartridge, mechanical pencil plus 3 refill-pencil-leads, ergonomic pencil for advanced beginners, eraser and a comprehensive booklet. A global manufacturer of writing instruments, STABILO International has always been characterized by great innovation and inventiveness. In particular, ergonomics and its significance in the development of customized pens for left and right‐handed children and adolescents, is a fundamental element of the company’s philosophy