Derrick Lin


Designed by Pande Design Solutions, Brazil.

In order to set the the name, brand, packaging and visual expressions, Pande was the background in understanding the product, consumer behavior, market performance and identifying trends, supporting their creative process with the methodology PandePenso®, with the results, subsequently, materialized through design.

The project began with the conceptual definition of the product, a delicious healthy snack, roasted and crispy that melts in the mouth with natural flavor of toasted sesame and toppings of cheese or castanha-do-pará, with only 16 calories per stick. Then was set the values ​​that underpin the whole project: healthful, convenience, routine breaker and tasty are qualities that gives the form to the the conceptual universe of Tickroc.

The name brings a quick and easy way to pronunciation and appropriates the crispy using an onomatopoeia, which also shows the practicality of consumption. The brand brings a drawing that shows the informal tone and youthful, following the tag line: “Your day healthier,” a reference to the routine. The visual express the concept of health with colors, icons and graphics, while the flavor is evidenced by the beautiful pictures that stimulate the appetite appeal and communicates the freshness of the product.

Tickroc is a project that defines the vision of Pande on the role of design, a strategic approach and focused on the consumer’s wants and needs. It is also an example of the result obtained with the methodology PandePenso®.

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