Designed by 2S Global Design, Paris, France.

Showcasing Japanese through the packaging by using wrapping techniques emblematic of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Origami was the obvious choice. We adopted a more architectural interpretation of the art to illustrate this perfect alliance between
modernity and age-old tradition.

To create perfect harmony in the graphic and packaging identity, we revamped all of the bartender initiation cases.

We designed the volume and decor to be as educational as they are intimate, inviting the consumer to share a moment of conviviality.

We want the discovery of a NIKKA bottle to be an initiation for the consumer into the Japanese art of serving whisky.

  1. Your packaging and design is Japanese inspired, very cool. However, in your video you used Chinese lyrics. These are two very different cultures, do your homework to back up your design.

  2. The Japanese language is written with a combination of three scripts: Chinese characters called kanji , and two syllabic scripts made of modified Chinese characters, hiragana and katakana.

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