Qubic Store (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Casey Ng, New Zealand.

The Qubic Store located in Auckland, New Zealand is an avant-garde fashion store that aims to inspire and excite consumers in ways similar to leading retail icons such as Dover Street Market, Colette and United Arrows.

This year Qubic has embraced the ‘recycle and reuse’ philosophy, fitting out its store with a range of everyday items and materials used in engaging new ways. In addition to also provide the store with a unique and quirky look, this approach subtly reminds consumers that even the simple things seen in a fresh way can be objects of delight. It is this theme that has inspired the development of a range of packaging, specifically intended to promote Qubic’s innovative brand identity.

The two forms of packaging take their inspiration in part from the Japanese tradition of gift wrapping, where the elegance, simplicity and sheer artistry of the packaging provides the recipient with an experience at least equal to that of the gift itself.

‘The handle’ has been specifically designed to accommodate garments of more or less any size. The purchase is folded inside selected wrapping paper and the handle is attached using self-adhesive panels. In conjunction with a second component the handle can be adapted to carry shoeboxes of various sizes. A carefully configured strip of card is folded around and over the carton and secure with the handle. This provides consistent branding whilst allowing the consumer to ‘show off’ their new purchase. The handle is perforated across the top, so the package can be opened easily via ripping, similar to the traditional style of gift opening.

Only environmentally friendly materials are used – recycled cardboard, waterbased
inks and 3M’s re-pulpable adhesive tape; all of which can be safely included in household recycling.

Furthermore, this system provides a uniquely flexible approach to packaging. it reflects Qubic’s innovative brand, avoids the need to purchase a variety of different sizes of carrier bags, it is biodegradable and is completely graphically adaptable.

Materials: Corrugated Cardboard, 3M’s Repulpable