Rhino Coffee

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Derrick Lin


Designed by B Brand Design, Australia.

The Australian packaged coffee market is saturated with conservative, traditional packaging featuring literal coffee cues. But the modern coffee drinker has moved on, and is becoming increasingly more adventurous. Many cafés and specialty roasters are offering experiential tastings, showcasing pour-over techniques and educating ‘home baristas’ on growing, grinding, roasting and blending.

Universal Village, saw an opportunity to stampede into the category and leave competitors in its dust with a new brand positioned to deliver strength, adventure and tenacity. Rhino promises ‘coffee with oomph’, and it’s not afraid to break category norms to get noticed.

Bold, impactful packaging led by the Rhino mnemonic is supported with a bright colour palette and robust, hard-hitting copy. All of this communicates the message that while Rhino makes you feel good because it’s strong, fair trade and socially aware, it also – above all else – seriously gets you going in the morning.

Rhino’s presence in online and specialist retail is growing fast, creating a roar in the marketplace.

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