Hoegaarden 0,0

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Derrick Lin


With a fancy aesthetic and with natural reminiscences, this new piece designed by Adrian Pierini for the most emblematic Belgium beer brand, achieves the brief objectives; it exhibits a fresh and light product.

Hoegaarden first appeared in 1455 and, for Pierini, it has been a great responsibility to face the challenge of designing this packaging. Not only did he have to be loyal to a long history, but to set a trend as well. He had to speak, through its aesthetic, to a new generation of consumers that look forward to experiencing new flavors and sensations.
Hoegaarden 0,0 is a new search that the brand makes, looking to interpret the needs of those who prefer a healthier and more natural life.

In the layout created by the well-known Argentinean designer, the metallic stand prevails. On it, different miscellaneous represent spikes, which are arranged in a ludic way. By this means, they generate a special zone where the brand and the sub-brand are contained, which consist on two big zeros. The font used for the variety was specially created taking as a reference the Hoegaarden logotype, mixing the gothic style with a modern classicism.
The incorporation of yellow and green strengths the differential of the flavor which, when applied into the aluminum can, produces a distinguishing luminous effect, full of life, impact and personality.

The new Hoegaarden variety it is already available in France and Belgium, and will be enjoyed in Benefralux region soon.